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Nowzad Dogs - Pen Farthing

Kilo Company of 42 Commando Royal Marines arrived in the war torn town of Now Zad in Helmand Province of Afghanistan in November 2006. Their mission; provide stability for the local people during a period of ever decreasing security.

The Royal Marines soon realized that it wasn’t only the local people that needed their help. Many of the stray dogs that roamed the town of Now Zad now had a guardian for the first time in their lives; in the form of Royal Marine Sergeant ‘Pen’ Farthing.

Breaking up an organised dog fight that was taking place right outside their remote compound, Pen never realized that one of those fighting dogs would then befriend him. The Royal Marine couldn’t say no to those big sad eyes and the now very former fighting dog became the Royal Marines four legged buddy and got a name – “Nowzad”. From that moment on Pen realized that other soldiers serving in Afghanistan would probably be experiencing the same feelings as he was towards a companion animal they were caring for on the front lines. In May 2007 Pen formed Nowzad Dogs to help make a difference in Afghanistan.

Nowzad Dogs is a registered 501c3 non-profit in the state of Illinois, USA overseen by a board of directors and we are a registered charity in England & Wales – number 1119185 overseen by a board of trustees.

Nowzad Dogs operates the only official animal shelter in Afghanistan located just outside of Kabul and supported by a small animal clinic headed up by ex-pat Louise and her team of Afghan nationals.

Our mailing list of supporters is increasing daily and the charity has had fantastic assistance from animal lovers the world over, who have offered their time in promoting and funding the aims of the charity.

Please take a look around the Nowzad website for details of all our projects and ways you can help to make a difference to the animals of Afghanistan.

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